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It's The Little Things

Josh here from SLP - writing this during the busiest month in Starting Lineup Productions' history! Tons of baseball, hockey and basketball wedding party entrances recorded already in the last week! Very cool stuff.

I've already touched on the advantages of having your wedding party entrance pre-recorded, so as to avoid any pronunciation errors, timing errors or malfunctions. You can read the full blog here.

Some of the things I didn't talk about before are things that may seem minor, but could potentially make a big difference in how authentic your intro feels. Usually, this topic comes up when a couple decides to use their DJ instead of SLP for their intro, which is fine. I don't ever knock what DJ's do as it's a more difficult job than most people think and many are capable of doing something just like what we do here at SLP. Here are a few of the little things that Starting Lineup Productions does that makes what we do quite a bit different:

- Your names sound like they are being introduced at a big-time stadium or arena, not at a reception hall - a little reverb/delay goes a long way in accomplishing this and it can easily be overused and done improperly.

- Sound effects are huge. SLP has a massive library of hockey horns, fireworks sounds, cinematic hits and other audio clips that can be used to make your intro even more authentic.

- Organ stingers for baseball and hockey. I brag about these all the time because they are so cool. Cool enough that I can tell some people are ripping them off of my YouTube videos! If you're looking for that old school baseball feel, this is the way to do it.

- Proper audio levels. Your DJ doesn't have the luxury of doing practice runs of your entrance to make sure the music isn't too loud!

Lastly - something isn't discussed much on here or even with prospective clients... you would not believe how many times a majority of the names are announced just to get one "perfect" take. A DJ doesn't get to do that on the fly. There are times where I have around 10 different clips to choose from for a single name.

Anyway... that's all I have on this topic for now. Happy wedding planning, or birthday party planning, or coaching...whatever it is you do that made you think about visiting Starting Lineup Productions.

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