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Why You Should Have Your Reception Entrance Pre-Recorded

It's your big day and you have one shot to get everything perfect. As the day approaches, your head may be swarming with thoughts about hoping the cake turns out OK, or the tuxes and dresses fit, or the weather is perfect or your DJ shows up on time, or, God forbid, somebody forgets something (vows...rings...). Weddings are live events with a lot of people pulling together to make them go off without a hitch. It's a miracle most of them turn out nearly perfect!

Your DJ is a big piece of how your day turns out as the reception is really what most of your guests are excited for (unless you can serve beer at your ceremony)! A big part of the reason why Starting Lineup Productions has great reviews and is off to an amazing start is that we remove any worry around making sure your reception entrance is absolutely perfect! Here are some quick-hitters on why you should consider having your entrance pre-recorded:

- NAMES: Guess what? Every member of your wedding party is important. Make sure their names are announced correctly. Just because it looks like Smith on paper, doesn't mean it sounds like Smith! Also... there are a lot of ways to say your name even if pronounced correctly. Why not have it sound awesome?

- MISTAKES: Your DJ has a TON on his plate just to do a good job managing your reception. Mistakes can happen in the form of names said out of order, muffled and mangled words, wrong music...etc If it's pre-recorded, there are no mistakes!

- MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: Unless your DJ has some serious sound editing/design experience, their ability to create an atmosphere similar to your favorite sporting event is limited. How are they going to juggle playing the music without any delays or hitting any sound effects at the right time?

- ANNOUNCER PIPES: Many DJs are sports announcers and vice versa. If that's the case for you, you're in for a treat. SLP will make sure your entrance sounds authentic to your favorite sport and even match your favorite team's atmosphere at their home stadium if you want! Having an announcer record your intro in advance is HUGE as you now have control over how names are said with different inflections and excitement levels. Here's a tip: If you order an intro from SLP and don't like how a name is announced, just ask for some other versions of that name! You wouldn't believe how many versions of some names are recorded for each intro.

So, there you have it. Just a few reasons to consider having the entrance to your reception recorded in advance.

Remember, Dale Carnegie once said that, "“...a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” So, why not get it right and make it amazing?


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