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Baseball Wedding Reception Intro

Use SLP's script template as a base and build from there.  Add nicknames, additional guests to be introduced and additional music if you like.

This example features an authentic "baseball organ" that sounds similar to what you'd hear on Chicago's North Side.

^^See how awesome this is in action!

This is a bit dated.  Newer baseball intros feature updated sound effects and a bit better studio technology.

These guys had a blast!  

Basketball Wedding Reception Intro

Height, "positions", home towns, you name it... this one is a lot of fun and SLP's most popular pick.  Customize this any way you want.  We can even add features similar to what your favorite team plays during their player introductions.

This is just one example (more to come).  There are many different ways to do this.

Hockey Wedding Reception Intro

There's just something special about that goal horn!  Hockey fans have been coming to SLP in droves for about the last two years.  

Boxing Wedding Reception Intro

How cool would it be to have the world's most famous ring announcer introduce your wedding party?  Chances are, he's pretty expensive.

If you're on a budget, this should work just fine!

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